About Us

Having worked in different Cafés and Bars throughout our studies, the founding team (Pete, Emanuel and Lucas) have always worked within the gastronomy business. Due to our diverse academic backgrounds in Architecture, Mathematics and Politics, it seemed as an obvious next step to collaborate and choose a secure job path, which meant opening a café in the midst of a pandemic.

Through our Specialty Coffee tour throughout Europe, and having worked at local specialty coffee shops in Munich, it became apparent to us that we would want to take part in the transformation of the Italian influenced coffee scene in Munich.

The initial idea consisted of sourcing 100% arabica beans, either directly or from trustworthy partners, in order to share the third wave experience with you. „Third Wave“ is the new coffee revolution, which not only aims at re-thinking coffee as a luxury product, but to extract and experience coffee with all its flavors, which none of the supermarket and capsule coffee products could achieve.

Have you ever wondered about our name and how we came up with Suuapinga? One of the oldest neighborhoods in Munich is Schwabing. Initially mentioned in the year 782 as Suuapinga, it’s actually older than the city Munich itself.